Life is Good on the Gunflint Trail

The wildlife have been out and about on the Gunflint Trail lately. We saw a moose swimming in moose pond the other day and it seems every where we look we see another black bear. One cub was so small at first glance we thought it was a house cat crossing the road. I’m not sure how that cub will make it through the winter.

I’ve seen bald eagles soaring, loons swimming and grouse trekking through the woods. I even heard a flock of Canadian Geese overhead. I don’t like to hear that sound in the Fall because it means they are already heading South for the winter. In the Spring it’s a good sign because summer is on the way. So as far as I’m concerned the geese can stay up north for a little while longer.

It’s fun to see all of the wildlife out and about on the Gunflint Trail.

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