Let it Snow

<%image(20071128-pile21127.jpg|300|200|Snow on November 27, 2007)%>

     Happiness is a white snowflake flittering to the snow covered ground beneath a star-filled sky.  There’s been some happiness happening on the Gunflint Trail the past couple of evenings.  Monday morning I awoke to a couple of inches of fresh fallen snow.  More fell throughout the day and continued throughout the evening and by Tuesday morning we had almost 4 inches on the ground.  Tuesday night was full of happiness because Wednesday morning when I looked outside I saw 3-4 inches of new snow covering the earth.  More snow is in the forecast along with some cold temperatures to close out the month of November.  High temperatures may only reach single digits and the windchill could be as low as negative 34 degrees.  The river should freeze solid these next couple of days…

<%image(20071128-pile21128.jpg|300|200|Snow on November 28, 2007)%>