Lead Free Tackle

Fishing seems to be on everyone’s mind right now and finding the right tackle is of the utmost importance.  Many jigs and sinkers are made out of lead which can be fatally harmful if consumed by an animal.  Loons are susceptible to eating lead sinkers and jigs because of how they scoop rocks up from the bottom of the lake to aid in their digestion.  Eagles and other birds that eat fish can also be injured or killed if the fish has swallowed a lead lure.  There are alternatives to using lead fishing tackle and the Minnesota DNR and OEA have paired up to help retailers find and offer lead free alternatives to their guests.  To find a list of places that offer fishing tackle made from steel, tin, and bismuth you can go to this website.  We have had a difficult time trying to find lead free products but we are hoping to be able to purchase some this year with the help of the DNR and OEA, we’ll keep you posted.