Lake Superior Water Level

According to an article in the Duluth News Tribune, “Lake Superior was more than 11 inches above its average level for Oct. 1, more than 4 inches above the level at this time in 2016 and is just 2 inches short of the all-time September high set in 1985, according to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers data. The current level is 2 feet above the water levels listed on official lake maps and charts.”

The high water level is causing some concern. Property owners are dealing with shore erosion, Duluth is experiencing sewer system problems on Park Point and a homeowner has lost 15 feet of beach.

The water level always goes down in the winter due to evaporation but it probably won’t go down enough by November. That’s when the big lake likes to blow to and fro and when that happens sometimes water piles up on one end of the lake.  That can change the water level quickly and for extended periods of time.

Hopefully we won’t get too much more rain this fall and the water level will drop significantly so folks don’t have to worry about it.

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