Kids Like Choices

     Most kids hate to be told what to do.  I find I get a better response from my kids when I give them a choice of things to do.  I was thinking about this the other day when I was attempting to persuade my kids to come on a hike with me. 

     My first mistake was when I asked, "Do you guys want to go on a hike?"  Of course their immediate response was, "NO."  I always think it sounds better if I ask them to do something rather than tell them to do something.  Why do I give them the option to say, "No?" 

     Even I struggle sometimes with trying to get my kids to go outside.  While we don’t have regular television we do have movies, a computer and the Wii which are sometimes more attractive than playing outside.  

     It is obvious to my kids I value time spent in the great outdoors.  It is also very apparent I want them to get exercise.  What they may not realize is the importance of Vitamin D.  One way for them to get Vitamin D is from the sun and another way is to eat oily fish or liver.

     I think the next time I want them to come hiking with me I’ll give them a choice.  "Do you want to go on a hike or would you prefer to eat some liver?"