Kayaking Encounters

There are some things you won’t see in the Boundary Waters when you’re kayaking.  Chances are the biggest thing you’ll ever see swim beneath your canoe or kayak in the BWCA is a beaver or a fish.  There isn’t any kind of animal swimming in the Boundary Waters that would or could purposefully or accidentally capsize your canoe or kayak.  This is not the case in some other places you may choose to paddle.

I remember a college professor telling me about paddling the Zambezie River.  The threat there is not only being capsized by a hippo but mauled and/or eaten by a hippo.  This happens more than one would think as more humans are killed by hippos than any other animal in Africa, according to an article I read. In this article it tells about a man that was almost killed by a hippo while kayaking the river.

Then there are sharks and whales in other parts of the country.  I can’t imagine paddling in an area that was dangerous but wouldn’t it be something to be so close to a creature of such size and beauty? Whether or not it’s worth the risk is a question each person has to ask themeself.  For now I’ll stick to the Boundary Waters and keep my kayaking encounters on the tame side.

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