Jump, Wade or Dive?

     I wonder if there is anything to learn about how a person enters the water?  There are people who wade slowly, dive quickly and who jump hand in hand with another person to enter the water. Some people like to get a running start, do a flip or even cartwheel into the water.  Mid-summer I switched from wading into the water to diving in from the dock and shocking my family at the same time.  Is there another reason besides the temperature of the water that prompted this change?

     To tell you the truth, I have never spent much time thinking about how people get into the water.  While wading in always seemed to be less painful when the water was cold I think it just prolongs the agony.  It’s almost like a form of punishment with only yourself to blame for the anxiety and stress you suffer before you finally take the remaining plunge and become completely submerged.

     I don’t have time to think much more about the entering the water issue this morning but I welcome your comments.  I’d like to hear how you enter the water and what you think it means if anything.  You can comment here or on our Facebook Poll.  Unfortunately I won’t be wading or diving headfirst into the Seagull River anytime soon.  With the temperatures dropping the water temperature would be unbearable no matter how I managed to get myself into it or how quickly I could get out.