Join us on the Gunflint Trail

     There is always something fun and exciting happening around the Gunflint Trail.  For those folks who don’t like to paddle there is still plenty to do.  I wish I had the time to take advantage of all of the wonderful learning opportunities there are in Cook County. 

     Every Thursday from now until the end of August the Becoming a Boundary Waters Family group and the Superior National Forest will be presenting a seminar.  The same seminar will be given on the Gunflint Trail and in town at the Rec Park on the same day.  At 3:00 PM you can listen at Chik-Wauk at the end of the Trail and at 7:00 PM the presentation will take place in Grand Marais.  You can learn about topics such as orchids, fish, moose and more; there’s a different topic every week.

     Don’t forget about the chance to paddle with each of the outfitters this summer.  Monday thru Friday from now until July 16th you can learn about the BWCA from a different outfitter each day.  Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about Becoming a Boundary Waters Family from Voyageur Canoe Outfitters every Monday at 1:00 PM.

     There are always activities happening at Sugarloaf Cove, The Folk House and throughout the County so plan a trip and come up to visit.

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Superior National Forest Dragonfly and Damselfly Extravaganza Weekends!

1st weekend = June 26 – 27
2nd weekend = July 17 – 18
3rd weekend = Aug. 14 – 15
The Superior National Forest (SNF) is hosting three weekend outings to search
for dragonflies along a few of the many and pristine rivers and bogs within the forest
boundary. The focus of these weekends will be to develop a species list for the SNF,
but most importantly, to get outdoors and have fun! People of all Dragonfly/Damselfly skill levels, including beginners, are welcome.
People participating in the dragonfly survey can camp free at the SNF Cascade River
Campground (1st weekend) or the Little Isabella River Campground (2nd and 3rd weekends) for Friday and Saturday

night. If you prefer to stay at a nearby hotel, you will need to make those arrangements yourselves. Meals will not be provided. Feel free to come for a day or the whole weekend.

Field clothes, proper footwear for river wading and/or shore walking (rubber and/or hip boots), hat, camera (waterproof case), “bug” net, field guides, field notebook and pen, hand lens, sunscreen, head net, insect repellant, water bottle, additional clothes and footwear for enjoying a campfire! Please pack for a full day in the field on Saturdays and half a day on Sundays.
Because we know relatively little about dragonfly and damselfly numbers or distribution, many natural resource agencies are beginning to develop species list. Additionally, because most dragonfly and damselfly species spend the majority of their lives in water, they can be an important indicator of the health of our aquatic environments.
Registration for the weekend is required at least one week in advance.
Contact Dave Grosshuesch for details and registration at: or
call (218) 387-3236