It’s June 1st!

     I thought someone might want to tell Mother Nature what day it was today.  It seems like she’s experiencing a bit of memory loss and doesn’t know what to do.  It got down to 27 degrees on Saturday night and Sunday was wet and cold with the mercury on the thermometer never making it close to 50 degrees.  With a little luck she’ll be reading my blog today and remember it is June 1st and it is suppose to be warm and sunny this time of year.  


   Like Mother Nature I have been reminded what else June 1st is by a couple of different people.  Both of these men have the last name of Maxwell and happen to be related to Adam who is on his 3rd year as a Voyageur Crew member.  Adam’s dad and uncle don’t want me to forget it is Adam’s 21st birthday today.  Adam is a wonderful person and we wish him a very happy birthday.

     Adam’s dad hopes it snows on the Gunflint Trail today because if it did we’d have another 1st.  The first time Adam would have snow on his birthday.  Warm wishes to everyone on this first day of June.