It’s Back!

     Back by popular demand is the Sundowner Canoe by Wenonah.  Production of the Sundowner was halted a few years ago but recent demands warrant bringing the Royalex version back into the market.  It’s a great canoe for river tripping and for BWCA trips.  The Boundary Waters Canoe and Spirit II by Wenonah that we outfit with are a bit beefier as they are both wider and deeper than the Sundowner.  You can’t go wrong with a Wenonah as they are the best canoes out there and they are Made in America, Minnesota to be exact!


Sundowner 17
Adventure racing is sweeping across the nation at a phenomenal rate. Flying down rock filled rivers and ripping across miles of flat water during this intense sport is common place. So back by popular demand for 2010, Wenonah Canoe is offering the Sundowner 17 in Royalex.

With it’s sleek bow, straight keel-line and shallow-arch hull, this is the fastest paddling, straightest tracking Royalex hull ever designed. Ideal for when performance and ruggedness are required for both big lakes and rocky rivers.

Length: 17′
Gunwale: 34.5"
Waterline: 32.5 "
Maximum: 34.5"
Bow: 21"
Center: 14"
Stern: 18"

Royalex 67 lb. $1399

About Wenonah Canoe:
Established formally in 1968 in
Winona, Minnesota, Wenonah Canoe has roots reaching back into the 1950’s. The company is the outgrowth of a lifelong devotion to paddling by Mike Cichanowski, who began canoeing as a Boy Scout, and who began manufacturing canoes while still in college. Today, Wenonah Canoe and its Current Designs kayak brand place them among the largest makers of paddle sports boats in the world, with emphasis on ultra-light and high-performance models. Wenonah remains among the few American paddlesports companies still owned by their founder.