Is It Safe?

     The controversy around "BPA" continues.  Bisphenol A is used to make a number of things including can linings for both food and beverages as well as polycarbonate plastic.  Polycarbonate plastic is popular because it is lightweight and durable so many things we use contain BPA.

     How dangerous is BPA?  Are you still drinking from a plastic water bottle or Nalgene?  We switched over to the stainless steel type of bottle for our outfitting this year due to the highly publicized debate over how safe it is. 

     There are two sides to every story but even the people who make things with BPA admit it can have adverse effects on one’s health.  What isn’t known is exactly how much BPA is leached into the foods we eat and how much it takes to affect each individual.   If you read one website then it doesn’t sound too bad.  But if you read another then it might really scare you. 

     I guess I would rather be safe than sorry.  In the case of choosing a plastic baby bottle or water bottle for my kids I would be very careful about what I let them use.  If there is BPA in a can or bottle of Diet Coke then I figure it might just be too late for me already.