Internet Issues

We’ve been experiencing some internet issues lately. We were without service on Wednesday for the majority of the day and into the evening. I didn’t hear the reason why but there were rumors about a cut line somewhere. The entire town was without phone and unless you had satellite internet you were without internet.

It’s amazing how much we depend upon the internet these days. Today I was having difficulty getting online and it’s almost paralyzing.  So much of the work I do is online so it’s tough to get anything done if we don’t have a connection.

If you have written an email to us and you don’t get a response within a day or two then you might want to try again. I think some of the emails were lost in cyberspace unfortunately. Hopefully the internet issues are over now.

We have another weekend of hockey with a tournament in Two Harbors. There’s also a play opening up in town tonight and many art and craft sales during the weekend.  There’s always something going on and usually there are many things happening all at once.  Enjoy your weekend.

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