Inside Outside

     The thermometer reads 26 below zero this morning and it’s a tad chilly.  One of those "it hurts to breathe mom" days.  While other parts of Minnesota received significant snowfall yesterday we just received another dusting of an inch or two.  The roads are in good condition and the Gunflint Trail hosts are ready for guests to come and play like we do, inside or outside.

     There are plenty of Winter Track activities to enjoy if you want to stay inside where it’s warm.  Just the drive up from Grand Marais is worth the effort with snow carvings at Swamper, Trail Center, the Laurentian Divide and Gunflint Lake Overlook.  There are blocks available at the resorts on Gunflint Lake too if you are interested in venturing outside to carve your own. 

     Things will heat up inside the lodges this weekend.  Trail Center will be filled with WTIP fans this evening and Gunflint will be shoulder to shoulder for the annual Snowboot Ball Saturday night.  Inside at Bearskin Lodge and Gunflint Pines you can see local artwork on display by Joan Farnum and Kelly Dupre to name a few.  There are presentations to attend and kids always enjoy the scavenger hunt that is primarily indoors.

     While the thermometer may read "oh it’s too cold to go outside" you can still come up and enjoy Winter Track’s activities inside.  There’s plenty to do when you come and play like we do inside or outside on the Gunflint Trail.