In Favor of Mining

Have you let the powers that be know your position on mining near the Boundary Waters?  There’s still time to let the DNR know how you feel about the proposal. According to the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy the proposal would include putting a dam possibly as tall as the dome on the Minnesota Capitol building on the headwaters of the St. Louis River, the largest US river that flows into Lake Superior. The dam would create a 900 acre lake of toxic waste that would rise 250 feet in the air. The scene below is where there would be three pits up to 700 feet deep forever.

polymet mining SNF
Future Mine Site

Does it sound like a good idea to you? If it doesn’t sound like a good idea then let the MN DNR know today, before it’s too late.

Public input ends tomorrow, you might want to  Sign the petition today.

Superior National Forest

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