Icy Trail

We had some rain last night as well as some late season fog.  This morning when I went to drive Abby to the bus stop we had quite the ride.  It started just outside of our driveway on the hill down to the public landing.  We swerved to avoid the bank of mailboxes and we narrowly missed the sign at the landing.  The entire road looked like a skating rink with about an inch of ice covering it.  I proceeded to drive up the hill away from the landing and only made it about mid-way up before the car stopped momentarily and then began to slide back wards.  It stopped when the rear end of the car hit the snowbank and turned us back around so we were facing the landing and slid back down.  I thought about going back to get the truck but Abby assured me we could make it on the next try.  So, off we went up the hill with Abby chanting, "We can do it, we can do it."   The rest of the ride was uneventful until we came up to the stop sign at the Trail.  Thank goodness the bus wasn’t here yet or we would have ran right into it, instead we just sailed through it and barely avoided the ditch on the other side.  It rained almost all day long and now tonight it is snowing again.  The plow, grater, and sand truck all worked hard tonight, so hopefully tomorrow will be a less eventful trip to the bus stop.