Ice Maker

     This week looks perfect for making ice.  Cold temperatures and only a 30% chance of snow would make for some good solid ice to start the winter off right.

     I’m never completely comfortable when I’m walking, skiing or snowmobiling on a frozen lake.  There’s something scary about the sounds a lake sometimes makes when you’re drilling a hole for ice fishing or just snowshoeing across it.  The loud cracks, gulps and booms make you think twice about just how much or little ice is between you and the frigid water.

     I love it when winter starts out with a really cold spell so the ice can freeze thoroughly and solidly.  Sometimes a little layer of ice is formed and then it snows and insulates the ice.  The snow can prevent the ice from freezing or cause the lakes to have slush pockets. 

     I’ll keep my fingers crossed so the ice maker does a quick and complete job to start out our winter ice.