Ice Free

     By the end of today the lakes on the Gunflint Trail should all be ice free.  The wind blew hard on Sunday making the open water white cap and disintegrate the remaining ice on Gunflint Lake.  Boaters and kayakers were making their way up the Saganga Corridor on Saturday and Sunday but a sheet of ice on the main lake was most likely still there.  We’ll head out today to check and see if it is still there, but chances are it will be gone with another day of near 70 degree temperature.    


   That means it’s time to dust off the life jackets and dip our paddles into the Boundary Waters once again.  It’s hard to work when there’s open water just calling out to us to come and paddle.  It’s always fun to be one of the first humansof the season to travel a portage or paddle a lake.  The wilderness is quiet this time of the year and it’s awesome not seeing bugs or other people.  Grab your paddle and come experience it for yourself.