I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

     I wasn’t actually working on the railroad I was exploring the old railroad. There is so much to learn about the history of the Gunflint Trail. I don’t know much about the Port Arthur, Duluth and Western Railroad but Dave Battisel does.  He’s from Canada and Tweets about it, has a blog about it and has a website about it. 

     On Sunday friends and I went to find the brick ovens on the north side of Gunflint Lake.  There are said to be five ovens but in the short time we were there we just found two. The two we found were very cool and it was fun walking in the woods.

     I hope to be able to spend more time exploring the old railroad but I’m guessing it won’t be until next spring.  By then I’ll hopefully had more time to learn about it or at least have begged Dave Battisel into giving me a guided tour!


ovens on gunflint trail

pawdrr railway

brick oven