I’d Rather Be

     I’m sure you have all seen those bumper stickers that say, "I’d rather be (fill in the blank)."  I’ve seen a number of them and would have no problem filling in the blank today.  For some reason I do not feel like sitting at a desk today.

     I’d rather be outside cleaning up brush than inside at my desk.  A tree fell last week during the windstorm and even though John cut it up it still needs to be cut up some more and moved before the snow flies.  There are still a couple of brush piles that didn’t get moved this summer that should be taken care of too.  And now with the leaves off of the trees I see more chainsaw work that I would love to get done before the snow makes it impossible. 

     I’d rather be putting away clean laundry than sitting at my desk.  Laundry is a never-ending job you can never finish and it is really a distraction when it sits in the basket begging to be put where it belongs. 

     I’d rather be sorting paperwork than sitting at my desk working.  It’s all in a huge jumbled pile that has accumulated over summer.  Luckily most of the information is no longer needed but I would like to recycle it and get it out of my house.

     I’d rather be cleaning my bathrooms.  They are in desperate need of a serious cleaning but I don’t have time to go find the toilet brush.

     Of course I’d rather be hiking, paddling, camping, swimming, log rolling or pretty much doing any thing else right now instead of sitting here inside looking at my inbox of emails that gets filled faster than I can empty it.

     What would you rather be doing?  If you comment on my blog then I’ll have something to read and I won’t have to work on my email.