Hungry Like the Wolves

Another tragedy suffered on the Gunflint Trail last week when a cabin owner lost their beloved pet to wolves. His cabin is right on the Trail near Seagull Outfitters where there is still plenty of activity going on.  He got up at 6am to let his dog outside and when he stepped back outside on his deck to check on her he saw movement up on the Trail. It was a pair of wolves and one of them held his dog’s limp body in its mouth.  The wolves saw him and took off across the road and into the woods taking his dog with them.

It’s so sad to hear stories like this. I have always let my pets run around outside and you just don’t think it could happen to you. Especially right on the Gunflint Trail where there is vehicle activity. The bottom line is the wolves are hungry and they will go for an easy meal when they have the opportunity.

There isn’t enough food to sustain the population of wolves that exists on the Gunflint Trail right now.  With the moose population down, the deer population practically non-existent the wolves are having to hunt a larger territory, more often and settle for smaller meals. We’ll all be vigilant with our pets for awhile as this is fresh in our minds but then we’ll get less cautious until tragedy strikes again.

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