You know it’s humid when…  Do you have any suggestions for finishing this statement?  If so, then let me know. Yesterday was humid with a capital "H".  80% humidity and 80 degrees isn’t what I would describe as comfortable weather especially when the wind was only blowing 2mph.  Thank goodness there are fans to blow that thick, warm air around. 

     At least the humidity brought us some much needed moisture.  Approximately .20 of an inch of rain fell however it was accompanied by lightening, not something we like to hear when it’s tinder dry outside.  I wonder if there will be a time when I don’t worry about lightning starting a fire? Anyhow, the moisture can’t hurt and it gave me a day off from watering my plants.

     Severe thunderstorms are in the forecast for this morning.  Ping pong sized hail is predicted to fall in places.  I wonder if I should delay my morning run?  85% humidity and 63 degrees at 6am, could it get much worse?  I’ll let you know.