How to Have Sex in the Woods

     This is the title of a book by Luann Colombo that generated much interest in our store this summer.  I never had to guess what people were chuckling about when they were standing in front of the book shelf looking guilty.  I know how they felt because last weekend on our vacation I was sitting on the couch innocently reading the book when to my horror Abby recited the title of my book in front of everyone in the room.  She giggled, my nieces giggled, Josh giggled, and let’s just say we adults had a chuckle too.   

     In spite of the title, the book does contain information that has nothing to do with sex.  One piece of information is how to tell how much daylight is left by using your hand.

  1. Hold your hand up at arm’s length, with the pinkie along the horizon. 
  2. Count the number of hands(four fingers only) between the horizon and the bottom edge of the sun.
  3. Each hand counts for one hour, with each finger being fifteen minutes.

There is information about animals, insects, and there’s even recipes.  But mainly the book is filled with things that have to do with sex in the woods, thus the title.

      I’m not sure how useful I find some of this information nor do I think I will ever try any of her suggestions in the Boundary Waters.  Her recommendation for the use of a hammock could result in serious injury and I wouldn’t want to be out in the wilderness trying to explain how I was injured.  But if you’re interested then more power to you, give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we can ship one out to you.  It would make a great wedding, birthday or Christmas gift for that outdoorsy couple you know.