How to “bleep” in the Woods

There aren’t too many things more disgusting then getting to a wilderness campsite only to find small piles of "bleep" and toilet paper scattered recklessly about the woods.  I’ve walked many toilet paper littered paths on my way to latrines and I have never understood this.  The latrine is there for a reason; it’s a centralized place to dispose of human waste and toilet paper.  Using a latrine is the best thing you can do when traveling in the BWCA.  Plan your rest stops at campsites so you can use the latrine and not litter a portage.  If you can’t make it to the bathroom then at least be courteous enough to hang on to your paper and dispose of it at the next latrine.  If you are paddling in the Quetico or you just can’t make it to a latrine then be sure to dig a hole in a private place at least 150 feet from the water, tent site, or trail.  It is sometimes difficult to dig with all of the rocky areas but if you look around then you will be able to find some loose soil.  When you are finished replace the soil, maybe add some sticks or rocks and make sure you are unable to see any evidence you were there.  Remember to practice minimum impact camping when traveling in the canoe country and leave no trace.