Here Fishy, Fishy

     It sounds like that’s all you have to say when you want to catch a fish out on a canoe trip.  Anglers out camping in the woods are having great success on many of the wilderness lakes. 

     One group who returned from their trip reported catching 5 different species and so many fish in one day they quit counting.  Smallmouth, Largemouth, Sunfish, Northern Pike and Walleye were all caught using topwater baits and artificial lures.  They even successfully netted their own minnows to use for bait and the walleye were happy with that.

     There are other reports similar to this fishing expedition.  The quantity and quality of the catching has been great; a 23 inch smallmouth, 6 pound largemouth, 31 inch walleye and numerous big lake trout.  I wish I could say I’ve been out fishing but I haven’t been.  Hopefully the next fishing report I have will include my big catch.  Here fishy, fishy.