A favorite gadget of mine not only for canoe trips but also for power outages is my headlamp.  Now I must confess, I do not own a new fan dangled model such as the Princeton Tec Quad headlamp but it will be on my Christmas list.  My headlamp is an older model that is quite large in size and requires a big battery pack that holds four double AA batteries.  It looks and feels like the old-time miner’s headlamp but it does light up the trail to latrine.  

<%image(20060823-PTQuad.jpg|350|254|Princeton Tec Quad)%>

       Princeton Tec makes a great line of headlamps.  These headlamps are lightweight and some of them give off as much light as daylight.  The Princeton Tec Quad is the lightest LED headlamp and only weighs 96 grams; you can’t even tell it is on your head.  The four LEDs are kept safe by a waterproof unit that can withstand submersions up to one meter.  The headlamp comes with three Alkaline AAA batteries but if you use lithium batteries then it not only reduces the weight of the headlamp but also increases the burn time. There is even a battery power meter on the headlamp to let you know it’s time to start thinking about changing the batteries; only after about 150 hours of use.

     Headlamps, no matter what their age or size, are a great tool to have around.  They keep your hands free to do other things and provide a great amount of light.  It’s much easier to set a tent up with two hands than it is to be holding a flashlight in one and trying to work with the other. If you’re looking for a great gadget then keep in mind the Princeton Tec Quad headlamp; you can find it on our online Trading Post and on my Christmas list!