Having a Holiday Party?

     It may be a white Christmas but that doesn’t mean you can’t send a green invite for your holiday party.

Remember evites from way back when?

The Bite
It was a different time. E-invitation sites offered boring greetings so impersonal, they sorta made you wanna kill a tree. The next gen of ecard sites help you get social without eliciting groans from everyone on your guest list.

The Benefits

  • Getting down without cutting down trees. The biggest evite site, Evite.com, manages 450,000 invites monthly – just imagine if all those invites were on paper.
  • Party planning assistance. New sites help you organize guest lists, and some have cool features such as texting your invitees when it’s time for them to head over.
  • More cash for piñatas. Paper invites can cost a few bucks apiece after postage. Our picks are (mostly) free.
  • If 10,000 Biters send ten evites instead of paper invites, we’ll save more than ten trees.
  • In a 2003 NY Times article, Evite.com reported that 63% of people actually respond to their e-invitations.


Personally Speaking
Check the blog for a couple JibJab cards that feature the Bite team that – in our humble opinion – are absolutely hi-larious.

Wanna Try?

  • JibJab – cackle-worthy ecards that let you put your face atop animated characters (the first card’s free, then you gotta pay).
  • MyPunchbowl – helps you choose the right date and a theme, and plan out all the deets (such as who’s bringing the Jell-O fruit mold to your Battleship-playing night).
  • Pingg – sweet invite designs, plus it’ll text-message invitees a reminder with the address a couple hours before the event.
  • Skobee – good for events that need input from different people, such as a road trip or multifamily getaway, since invites include built-in maps and a convo center where everyone can put in their two cents.