Happy St. Patrick’s Day

     I hope everyone had as much fun as I did this weekend.  Instead of raising "hell’ like I may have done in my younger years, I was out raising money.  Friday night was spent playing Bingo with our hockey family to raise money for what else but hockey.  Saturday was spent with dogs and mushers and lots of other happy people at the Mush for a Cure Fun Run raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Sunday was spent at home, recuperating from the weekend and getting ready for the upcoming week.  I did have time to upload some photos from Saturday so be sure to check out the photos page if you find yourself with a spare minute.     


The past couple of blog entries have had a photo of a girl and a dog.  Amazingly enough it is the same dog and same girl in both pictures.  Jessica Berg-Collman is an 11-year old from Grand Marais and she ran a team in Saturday’s Fun Run with 4 of her own dogs and 2 from Black Magic Kennels.  The first photo was from last year’s event when her dogs were just puppies.  Look at what can change in a year(the pink hair isn’t real), I’m referring to the size of the dog.  She had a great time mushing and raising over $3000 for the Mush for a Cure.  What a great accomplishment for someone so young. 

     With Winter Tracks and Mush for a Cure over my focus will now be on the Ham Run.  Things are falling into place quite nicely for the Half Marathon and 5k Fun Run to be held on Sunday, May 4, 2008.  I was even able to get a six and a half mile run in on Sunday.    I’ll have more details about the food, massages and music that will be a part of the day’s event  in future blogs and you can always check out the website.  



     As usual, I’m feeling lucky to live in such a wonderful place surrounded by the most wonderful of people.  Have a great week everyone!