Happy March and Super Tuesday

I hope your Tuesday has been super. I personally didn’t find the day very super but then again politics are not my passion. Up until this year I can’t say I had ever even thought about a caucus. My daughter Abby has an interest in politics thanks to her father and she was asking about the caucuses.

I thought she might want to attend one of our local caucuses but found out you have to be 18 or 17 in time to vote in order to participate. For the Republican Party there was one location in the County for all precincts but for the Democratic Party there were multiple locations for the precinct caucuses including the Gunflint Trail.

Why caucus?

The count of the presidential preference ballots cast at caucuses across the state are taken to county caucuses and then to the state convention to determine which candidates Minnesotans support in the upcoming presidential election. Also to be considered is who will be on the ballot for our member of the U.S. House of Representatives and State senator. Delegates for county and state conventions will also be selected.

Is this a reason to call it a super Tuesday? Maybe for some but not for me. Hope you had a super Tuesday either way and a Happy March 1st.

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