Happy 1st of July

It seems like yesterday was Memorial Weekend and here we are quickly approaching the 4th of July Holiday.  June flew by us as we kept busy outfitting canoe parties into the wilderness and taking care of our resort guests.  It’s always a treat to see our resort guests year after year and you can almost determine the date based on what guests are around.  We have some awesome people who return to stay at Voyageur each summer and seeing them again is like having family come home for a visit.  There’s too many great guests to mention but we have the Walleye Wranglers, the Anderson’s, the Kassel party, the Witt’s and a long time friend from Indianapolis John and his son Jeff to name a few.  We can tell we are getting older when the children of our guests used to be just little kids and now they are grown up and married.    We sure enjoy seeing our regulars but still have room for a few newcomers and we’d love to be a part of someone’s new tradition of staying at Voyageur.  If you have some free time this summer then give us a call and start making some of your own Voyageur Memories, we’d love to see you here.