Happiness is a Full House

     It seems like yesterday I was writing about feeling melancholy because all of my summer crew had headed home after the summer season.  One moment the house was empty and then in a magical "poof" it’s filled once again.  I’m not sure where winter went but the lodge is filled with faces at lunchtime once again.  Some of them are new but most of them are familiar.

     If you’ve phoned Voyageur lately you’ve no doubt spoken to Tessa or Jennifer.  Both of my bubbly gals are back for another summer at Voyageur.  This is Tessa’s 3rd year in a row and Jennifer has spent two full seasons, plus a month last year as part of the Voyageur Crew.  

     Along with Tessa and Jennifer we have Jessica and Kristi back for another summer.  This is Kristi’s second summer and Jessica’s 5th summer with us.  Jessica worked two full seasons with us, part of a third and then barely graced us with her presence last summer.  But she’s back this year for the whole summer and we couldn’t be happier. 

     We are so happy to have these four wonder women along with Elsa here for the summer.  It’s going to make life easy for Mike and I that’s for sure.  With Adam and Andy out paddling for the summer just John and Kris are returning for their second summer at Voyageur.  Luckily for us that’s enough because they do an awesome job along with Eric who helps out part-time and Ron our landing man.  Erik W. is here for his first year and Chad has been helping out part-time until he gets fired from his real job when he’ll become full-time here.

      Victor arrived yesterday for a summer at Voyageur and there are two more guys on the way; Jacob.  Yep, Jacob and Jacob have yet to arrive for the summer but will be here soon.  And don’t forget about Katie who will also join us very soon.  A full house will become even fuller in a very short time and we couldn’t be happier.

     Along with all of our wonderful crew we’ve been reuniting with past guests and enjoying meeting new ones as well.  We still have cabins open for the week, there are permits available for paddling and we’d love for you to be a part of our happiness and our full house as we celebrate 50 Years of Voyageur!

     Hope to see you at Voyageur this summer!