Ham Fire May 11, 2007

We experienced another evacuation of the Gunflint Trail.  Marilyn, Ian, Theresa, Abby, Josh and our animals are all safe in Grand Marais.  The community of Grand Marais has been remarkable during this entire event.  The firefighters are doing everything they can to save lives and structures on the Gunflint Trail.

You can reach Voyageur by calling 218-3×0-1xx2 for the time being.  Marilyn will be calling guests with trips booked this week.  It will not be a normal fishing opener this year.

Yesterday the fire made a major run.  It traveled the entire Canadian side of the Gunflint Trail and then south to Mayhew Lake and crossed the Gunflint Trail.  It was a very scary day.

There will be photos available soon at http://www.fire.boreal.org/hamlake so be sure to check it out.  For more fire information visit http://www.boreal.org there are a number of links to follow with information.

Mike, Don and I are still actively helping with the fire fighting efforts and evacuation of the Gunflint Trail.  We all spent the night in our vehicles, Mike and I at Fire Hall number 2 without electricity or telephone service.  It’s been a long week, but we’re hanging in there.

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