Gypsy Moth

A recent letter from our County Commissioner informed us the Gypsy Moth is in Cook County.  The Gypsy Moth is similar to the Forest Tent Caterpillar in how it can defoliate trees in a forest leaving them in a weakened state and sometimes killing them. A few years ago we had a Forest Tent Caterpillar infestation and I swore I would leave if it happened again.  The caterpillars were everywhere; on the side of the house, hanging from trees, and eating every green leaf in site.  I remember on a trip to Duluth the Expressway was covered in a dark green slime that smelled like freshly mown lawn.  It was actually a gazillion smashed Forest Tent Caterpillars that were full of leaves.   Cook County will have areas that are treated by air this summer to help combat a potential outbreak.  The DNR, the USFS and I would appreciate it if you contact them if you see the moth or egg masses while in our area.  You can check out this website to see what they look like or learn more about them.