Gunflint Trail Winter Bucket List

     I’ve lived on the Gunflint Trail for 20 years so you wouldn’t think I’d need to have a bucket list of things I want to do in the winter. The thing is there are things I have done that I want to do again and again because they are so much fun. Here are my top 5 activities on my winter bucket list on the Gunflint Trail.

  1. Ski all of the trails in the Upper Gunflint Ski System.-I have skiied all of the trails a number of times but it’s been a few years since I’ve skiied them all during the same season. I’m hoping for a long ski season so I can cross them all off of my bucket list.
  2. Look for and find a moose antler.– I have never really found a moose antler on my own. My dogs sniffed and dug one out of the snow and I’ve been with people who have found them but I’ve never actually discovered one on my own.
  3. Snowshoe into a BWCA trout lake and catch trout.- Last year I snowmobiled into a lake and fished for trout but it’s been awhile since we’ve broken trail into a remote BWCA trout lake and caught fish. I think it’s time to do that one again.
  4. Sleigh Ride at Okontoe– This is a magical experience that one can never get tired of. It’s been a few years since we’ve been on one and I really am craving a night on a sled beneath the stars.
  5. Cross-country ski into a Yurt.-This is another activity I could do year after year. It’s a challenge to ski in 8 miles and out 10 miles but the yurt is so fantastic and the experience so amazing it’s on my list every year.

     There it is, my bucket list of things to do on the Gunflint Trail in the winter. I should have made it 6 and mentioned the fact I want to ski beneath a full moon but I haven’t done it yet and something always gets in the way of doing it. Maybe if I keep it off of my list this year I’ll actually do it?  We shall see. What’s on your Bucket List? I hope it’s a winter visit to Voyageur.

yurt on the gunflint Trail