Gunflint Trail Wildflowers and Plants

I love to watch the northwoods plant life change as the days pass by. The strawberries, blueberries, roses, service berries, bluebead lilies and more bloom early in the summer and then transform into their mid-summer look. In place of petals pieces of fruit appear on plants like strawberries and blueberries.  As the flowers drop off of roses a fruit known as a rose hip begins to develop.

It’s amazing how quickly the process of change happens on the Gunflint Trail. Our growing season is short and weather can make a big difference to the appearance of our plants;  A little too wet, not enough sun or too many days without rain all factor in. Identifying animals or their scat is relatively easy compared to knowing what a plant looks like in its various stages of growth.

The ever-changing plant landscape is a reminder of how time flies quickly by. Don’t let it slip away from you before you’ve had a look for yourself.

Gunflint Trail wildflowers
Blueberry patch on the Gunflint Trail


BWCA wildflowers
Blue Bead Lily in the early summer

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