Gunflint Trail is Open

     Mother Nature was kind to us again by providing us rain throughout the day.  The precipitation held the fires on the Gunflint Trail and allowed the Sheriff to welcome cabin owners and guests back to the entire Trail.  Hopefully there will be no need for any more evacuations of the Gunflint Trail.  The USFS will also open Brandt and Missing Link entry points into the Boundary Waters on the 19th of September.

     There are four fires in what the USFS is calling the Superior National Forest East Zone Complex; Famine, Red Eye, Sumpet, and Patriot.  The Famine and Red Eye fires are what has concerned the USFS the most as they are a threat to the Gunflint Trail.  Since the fires began they have burned 4044 acres and 1792 acres respectively.  Sumpet and Patriot Fires are in a less threatening area and have only burned 58 acres and 4 acres respectively.  According to the DNR Website there are currently 147 personnel on the fire, the cost to date is $400,000.00 and the estimated containment date is October 1st. 

     This is all good news and we are all glad to hear it.  Continued precipitation is in the forecast and with the number of personnel and resources available we’re pretty confident in the ability of the firefighters to keep the fires in control.