Gunflint Trail Canoe Races

     Tomorrow is the big day.  The Annual Gunflint Trail Canoe Races to support the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department are tomorrow afternoon.  It’s always a great time for everyone involved and it raises lots of money for the department.

     Fun begins around 4:30pm with food service, contests and kid’s games.  There’s an eating contest at 5:30pm Chelsea and Adam from Voyageur are entered in so cheer for them if you attend.  There’s the big raffle for the Wenonah Canoe and the smaller raffle where hundreds of items are given away throughout the evening. 

     The races begin at 6:00pm and the Voyageur Crew will all be there.  Since the money goes for such a great cause we enter all of our crew in the races as well as some past crew.  The races aren’t serious and include backwards paddling, broken paddle and gunwale pumping.  It’s entertaining to watch and great fun to participate so come on up and join us for a fun-filled afternoon and evening on the Gunflint Trail.

     The Voyageur Crew normally wears our red Crew t-shirts but this year we’ll be sporting some fun tie-dyed t-shirts.  It’s a good thing too since this year’s race t-shirt is red and our crew would have blended in with the volunteers wearing them.  We’ll be easy to spot so you can easily cheer us on.