Gunflint Mercantile Grand Re-Opening

           Chelsea Lueck Voyageur Canoe Outfitters Gunflint Mercantile

     The Gunflint Mercantile is celebrating with a Grand Re-Opening in downtown Grand Marais, Minnesota this Saturday, June 25th.  What is so special about the Gunflint Mercantile? Chelsea Lueck of course! Former Voyageur Crew Extraordinaire who left Voyageur to pursue life as a business owner in Grand Marais and we couldn’t be happier or fatter!   

 Gunflint Mercantile Grand MArais, MN

    The Gunflint Mercantile sells the world’s best fudge made by none other than the owner Chelsea Lueck.  Now Grand Marais, Minnesota can be famous for the World’s Best Donuts and the World’s Best Fudge!  This Saturday you can sample the different types of fudge and vote for your favorite.  My favorite is the Peanut Butter Maple Fudge with Pumpkin Fudge coming in close for a second favorite.  Many people love Chelsea‘s Maple Bacon Fudge, yep you read it right, it’s like eating bacon with maple syrup on it and everyone thinks it’s out of the world inceredible.  There are tons of flavors to choose from including Almond Joy, Dark Chocolate, Coffee Bean, Maple, Mint Oreo and the list gets bigger and bigger every day as she adds new flavors to the mix.


   Gunflint Mercantile Fudge   Gunflint Mercantile Maple Bacon Fudge  Gunflint MErcantile the worlds best fudge


     There’s lots more than fudge at the Gunflint Mercantile.  If you like old fashioned or new fashioned candy then stop in for a real treat.  Candy cigarettes, Smore’s candy bars, licorice, suckers and all other types of sweets including ice cream are all available.  Then there’s the whole line of soup mixes, pancake mix in a jar, wild rice, beans and more packaged to please the eye.

     Something new Chelsea has added to the Gunflint Mercantile are her one-of -kind, hand-made Aprons.  My Sister’s Place Restaraunt in Grand Marais purchased new ones for their place and Elsa(Voyageur Crew Cook) picked one out for her birthday.  They make perfect gifts and are pretty enough to wear even when you’re not cooking!

Gunflint Mercantile Custom made apron grand marais, mn     Gunflint Mercantile Grand Marais, MN

     Cooking Chelsea will be on Monday when she heads south to cook her rhubarb syrup. She’ll be cooking with Juli Kellner from "WDSE Cooks" and will appear on television.  Exciting news for Chelsea and Grand Marais who will surely benefit when Food Network shows up on her doorstep.

     If you can’t make it to the Grand Re-Opening then no worries.  Most days she has samples of her fudge out(unless I’ve been there first to eat them all).  You can’t leave the Gunflint Mercantile empty handed so stop by, pick up some tasty treats and enjoy the wonderful creations made by Chelsea Lueck.  And remember, she got her start in the northland at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters!   

Gunflint Mercantile Grand Marais