Grilling this Memorial Weekend

Wanna go where few grillers have gone before?

The Bite
Explore lighter fluid alternatives. As BBQ season heats up, many people are using the nasty stuff to light their coals, but if you haven’t already switched to gas, put eco-friendlier (and tastier) ways to light your charcoal on the map.

The Benefits

  • Discovering greener grilling. Lighter fluid’s made from not-so-eco, nonrenewable petroleum distillates that let off volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and contribute to unhealthy, ground-level ozone pollution.
  • A key to healthier ‘cuing. Those VOCs can cause everything from headaches to cancer.
  • No gnarly lighter-fluid taste.


Personally Speaking
Toshio misses the tri-weekly BBQs he had when he lived in Portland and had a big backyard. The concrete slab behind his SF flat (just big enough for the recycle bin and trash can) doesn’t quite measure up.

Wanna Try?

These methods take a few more minutes to get your grill going, but avoiding lighter fluid’s toxic chems (and toxic taste) is well worth the time.