Green Ham and Eggs?

      I’m not sure if Dr. Suess would approve or not but it’s different than Green Eggs and Ham.  This is the Ham Run Half-Marathon and 5k Fun Run going Green.  Not in a moldy, old meat kind of way, but in an eco-conscious, environmentally sound way. 

<%image(20080415-400-racewithoutatrace.jpg|332|203|Ham Run, an eco friendly green race.)%>

   I had never heard of a "Green Race" until I started planning for the Ham Run.  Actually there’s alot of things I haven’t heard of about races since I’ve only participated in 2 local events but that’s another story.  Green races are fairly new and more and more race directors are making theirs green.  Since we’re having the Ham Run during the Gunflint Green Up and we live in a very green place it made sense to go Green.

     There are many ways to make a race green and we had planned to do most of them without even thinking about it.  Recycling in my mind is not an option, you just do it.  All participating businesses will have recycling bins available for plastic, aluminum, glass, cardboard, etc.  We’re also using recycled paper and products when at all feasible.  We’re hoping to use as many reusable items for the event as possible.  We’re encouraging carpooling and will provide transportation to the race start to eliminate the number of vehicles making the same trip.

     We’re really proud to be considered a green race.   Our race participant T-shirts are made of organic cotton and are clay dyed.  We’re even going to have a bin to recycle old tennis shoes at the race finish. Everyone is welcome to bring a pair no matter what shape they are in.  They will then be given to Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe Program and turned into tracks and playing surfaces.  There will be more eco-surprises with the Ham Run but you will just have to come and see what they are.