Great Skiing on the Gunflint

     Yesterday morning after I returned from the bus stop I decided I just had to go skiing.  There wasn’t a breeze in the air and the temperature was mild at 10 degrees above zero.  I drove down to the Cross River to access the Upper Gunflint System ski trails.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the trails had just been groomed and were in perfect shape. 

    It was a beautiful morning with the sun rising behind the hills.  The trees were flocked with snow and they sparkled with the golden rays.  It was quiet as only winter can be.  I could hear the wings of the ravens beat overhead and the howl of a wolf in the distance. 

     As I rounded a corner a lone wolf stood in the middle of the trail.  He looked my way and then sauntered off as I fumbled to get my camera out of my pocket.  I called for him to come back and whistled but he didn’t return. 

     The Gunflint Trail is such a magical place and I am so lucky to live here.