Great News from the Phillippines

Some of you may know our wonderful Elsa(Kitchen Angel at Voyageur) winters where she is from. Where she is from is Cebu, Phillippines.  Since the horrible news of the typhoon and so much destruction and loss of life I have been waiting and waiting for a message from her to let me know her and her family are OK.  That news came around 5pm today when their power was restored and she was able to post on Facebook.

Thank Goodness for Facebook and technology because who knows when and if phone lines will be repaired.  In this age of lightning fast information I was frustrated by how slowly the information was coming out about the worst hit areas. I had no clue where to call or look to find out how their village faired during the typhoon.  I just new I was worried sick.

Their cement block house acted as a storm shelter for many and withstood 90 mile per hour winds.  Thank you all for your prayers and thanks be to God for keeping Elsa, Ron and her family safe.

If you would like to send a donation to help Elsa and the people of her village then please feel free to do so.  Call or email and we will collect it and get it to them or we’ll find out what they need most and get it to them as quickly as we can.  Elsa and Ron do so much to help their village and her summer wages provide for many people there.  But I know it isn’t enough to provide food, shelter and water for everyone. If you’re feeling generous then there isn’t a more deserving person than Elsa.

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