Grand Marais is Cool and the North Shore is Hot

That was the case last Friday, May 6th when Two Harbors and Silver Bay both hit 90 degrees around 11am.  They were the hottest temperatures in the country for awhile that day and it was very unusual since it rarely hits 90 degrees ever on the North Shore.

Lake Superior tends to keep these areas cooler as was the case in Grand Marais, Minnesota on Friday. It was only 45 degrees at 2pm on the harbor of Grand Marais less than 80 miles away from Two Harbors and just 6 miles away at the Grand Marais Airport it was 81 degrees.  At the end of the Gunflint Trail we also hit 90 degrees but that wasn’t until the afternoon.

Grand Marais won a contest for the “Coolest Town” last year and on May 6th, we certainly proved it.


According to this article, Cold temperatures at the harbor in Grand Marais, Minnesota are common in the summertime due to cold air being denser than warm air so whenever a cold wind blows it chases the warm temperatures away.


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