Grand Marais Best Town Contest

I like the claims to fame Grand Marais, Minnesota has. Some things about the popularity is due to the natural world that surrounds us like the highest Mountain, tallest waterfall, biggest Great Lake, etc. Other tag lines are from contests like, “The coolest small town in America!”

It seems like every day there is a new contest. I wish there were contests that only allowed you to vote one time. That’s how things used to be decided but many of the contests allow you to vote once per day. The latest contest Grand Marais, MN is in the running for allows a person to vote 10 times each day!

I’m not sure if this type of voting really determines a true winner but then again maybe voting never does?

Take for instance the voting for Homecoming candidates that was held recently at my children’s school. They have a class of around 40 kids so it’s a small class and the tradition has always been to let the entire High School population vote. This year decisions and mistakes were made and this resulted in only a small portion of the seniors being allowed to vote. How many? We don’t know for sure.  One year someone stole blank ballots and voted over and over for the same person. Did this happen again? We really have no clue because only one person counts the votes and most likely that person doesn’t keep track of the number of ballots. Well, at least they won’t tell me how many people even voted. In any case…

We know Grand Marais is a great city just like we know not all of the kings and queens of Cook County will be crowned at coronation.

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