Got Skis?

     If you like to cross-country ski then there’s no better place to go than the Gunflint Trail.  I may be biased since I live here and I’ve never cross-country skiied anywhere else but I can’t imagine any place on earth being nicer.

     I know there are forests with tall trees and mountains with vistas and parks with geysers and places to ski in all parts of the world.  I also know there are things like people, pollution and traffic in other places as well.

     I don’t know how many kilometers of trails there are just in the Upper Gunflint Trail ski system but I do know it’s more than I can ski in a day.  Well, maybe I could ski all of them in a day but it would be a very long day and I wouldn’t be able to move the next week or so.

     Come up and ski it to see for yourself.  It’s awesome.