Got Plans?

     Today is Wednesday, hump day so they say.  I remember when I was in school and Wednesday marked the last day of talking about what happened over the weekend and the start of talking about plans for the upcoming weekend.  It’s been awhile since I thought about that due to the line of business I’m in but I wonder if people in the real work world think like that? 

     I am constantly making plans and switching them just as quickly.  That four letter word, W-O-R-K, always gets in the way.  Either that or the other four letter word, K-I-D-S.  Totally kidding!  I love my kids! It’s just that they have busy lives too and according to my daughter I sign her up for everything without consulting her first.  Isn’t that my right as a mom?  I thought so and my niece says her mom does it to her all of the time, so it must be ok, right? Or her mom and I think alike, that could be since she is my sister.

     In any case.  I’m just wondering if you have your weekend and/or upcoming weekends planned already.  We have our wonderful lodge unit available starting June 25-July 2nd, leaving on the 3rd and we’d love to have you as our guest.  We’ll show you some fishing spots, paddling day trips, hiking trails and where some ripe blueberries are located.  You can relax on the deck or if you feel inclined to weed my flower gardens then that’s fine too, I promise I won’t mind.  In fact, let’s make a deal. 

     You come stay in our lodge unit, weed my gardens and pay what you want to stay.  Call Chelsea and make a deal today, 1-888-CANOEIT, any reasonable offer won’t be refused.  And if you don’t want to weed then don’t bother calling, just kidding, you can still come, just let her know you won’t be weeding when you enter into negotiations with her. 

     Now is the time. If you don’t have plans then it’s time to make some.  Stay for the weekend or stay for the week at Voyageur.