Good BWCA 3-Day Trip

     I have to admit I prefer to paddle the lakes at the end of the Gunflint Trail for their tall pine trees and rocky shorelines but a BWCA trip from the mid-trail area can be nice too. We decided to take a trip off of Poplar Lake this past weekend and entered through the Meeds Lake entry point.

     Meeds Lake is a medium sized BWCA lake with only three campsites. I’m not sure why it only has three and Caribou, it’s next door neighbor has a gajillion, but we were happy we chose to stay on the quieter lake. It was such a quiet weekend without much if any wind.  It was so quiet you wondered if your ears were really working because you couldn’t hear anything until a bird would fly over and you’d hear the flapping of its wings.

     You can check out our trip complete with photos on this Google Map.

View BWCA Meeds Lake in through Poplar out through Lizz in a larger map