Give ’em an inch

     And we’ll take it, an inch of rain that is.  That’s what has fallen to the ground over the past 24 hours and we’re thankful for the precipitation.  It should put the Lizard Lake Fire out for good and It should help the water level in the river go up.  

     We desperately need more water in the Seagull River right now.  We’ve never seen the level as low as it is right now.  It’s so low we aren’t able to take groups out through the rapids to Saganaga without touching the sides of the boat, the skag of the motor and getting stuck two or three times.  The rental boats are stilll able to go through because they are much narrower and their motors don’t have such long shafts.  If we keep our fingers crossed then we might just be able to get through there again this season, but I’m not holding my breath.  We’re just boating through the rapids with the empty tow boats and then picking up and dropping off at the public landing which works out just as well. 

     I don’t know what got into Mr. Wind but he has been blowing alot of air around the Boundary Waters lately.  Today the trees at Voyageur are bending and thrashing about.  When it’s windy in our low spot of the river you can’t begin to imagine what it looks like out on the lakes.  That’s why we have a few groups hesitating to paddle right now.  We haven’t had rain slow anyone down this year but this wind blowing upwards of 20mph with 30 mph gusts is a bit too much.  

     The temperature is just 53 degrees and that’s what the high for the day is predicted to be.  The winds and rain are suppose to leave us with the rain being done soon and wind dying off this evening.  Let’s just hope the wind stays dead for the Labor Day Weekend.  The sun will be shining the rest of the weekend with temperatures up into the mid-high 60’s this coming week.  It’s a little cool for me but for some folks they are just fine with relief from the heat. 

     What about you? Want to get away from the real world and visit us in the Boundary Waters?  There are no bugs, very few people and lots of wilderness campsites calling your name.  Hope to see you up here.