The forecast is calling for freezing temperatures this evening.  Not just a little frost but predictions of twenty degree weather that would cool things off quickly.  The water temperature is still very warm so a cold front like that would create lots of fog.  Should be an interesting morning tomorrow; I better look for my ice scraper for my windshield!

     It is a cool, windy and wet morning at  the end of the Gunflint Trail.  The winds are steady at 12 mph and there are gusts up to 25 mph.  These are the days I am glad I am not a towboat driver on Saganaga.  Mike went out to attempt to get a group on Saganaga but quickly returned.  Just in the narrows there were four foot swells and on the big part of the lake Larry at Chippewa said it looked like Lake Superior with seven foot swells. 

     It is suppose to calm down later this evening.  We’re hoping our canoe campers are just sitting tight and waiting out the weather.  When the wind breaks we’ll head back out to try again.  If the wind doesn’t break then they will have to wait until tomorrow morning. ( Paul told me you read my blog on a regular basis and jokingly said to tell you he loved you on it.  They’ll be fine and will call home when they get here. He loves you:)

     Weather like today is why we encourage paddlers to plan for a day of cushion at the end of the trip.  That way you don’t have to paddle when the conditions aren’t favorable for canoeing.  In any case, I’m glad I’m warm and dry inside today.