Forecast for the Week

     The weather has been hot on the Gunflint Trail with yesterday’s high a whopping 88 degrees.  It doesn’t show signs of cooling off anytime soon either.  It’s unseasonably hot for this time of the year but I guess I’ll take it since it’s keeping the lake water nice for swimming.
     Today the temperature is expected to be in the high 80’s again and on Monday too.  Tuesday through Friday the forecast calls for a little bit cooler weather with temperatures down into the 70’s and by the weekend it may only get up into the high 60’s.  There’s a slight chance of precipitation on Saturday but my guess is the forecast will change by then.

     The Lizard Lake Fire was a little bit more active yesterday than it was the day before.  It’s still very small but with the wind conditions yesterday and predicted wind for the next couple of days the USFS decided to drop some water on the fire yesterday.  They’ll continue to monitor it to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere.  It’s not on a BWCA route, there aren’t any campsites in the vicinity and it’s still a couple of miles from any structures on the Gunflint Trail.  Let’s hope it stays that way. (Find photos and more at my Examiner site.)

     Wildlife sightings and fishing reports have been terrific.  Lots of big fishing being caught including a 34 inch northern pike, a few 10 pound plus lake trouts and lots of walleye and smallmouth bass.  A group camped on Saganaga saw 10 bears this week but none of them bothered them.  Another group saw a young bull moose and a cow and a calf.  Lots of loons and eagles have been seen as well as chipmunks and rabbits.

     The forecast for the week looks good to me and any long weekend is a perfect weekend for a canoe trip in the Quetico Park or Boundary Waters.  Make some plans to come see us at Voyageur this weekend, we’d love to see you on the Gunflint Trail.

Smoke from Lizard Lake Fire

Lizard Lake Fire BWCA

Lizard Lake Fire