Fog Clings to the Water’s Surface

     It is a beautiful sight to see the morning sun filter through a fog shrouded wilderness lake.  There will be such a showing this morning as the air temperature at a mere 31 degrees is much colder than the water temperature and not a whisper from the wind can be heard.  Only the background music from a singing loon and a solo paddler in the distance can perfect this tranquil scene.

     It’s mornings like these I wish I were camped on a wilderness lake with tripod and camera ready to try to capture the beauty of these rare and beautiful sights.  The fog slowly lifts or gets shifted by the wind creating different scenes every moment.  Revealed on mornings like this are cobwebs glistening in the sun, dew dripping off of a leaf and other magical moments.

     Reality places me waking up my children, preparing their lunches and driving them to the school bus for another day at school.  Where does it place you? Can’t you get away this fall to come and see it?  Or will you too need to be content with imagining the tranquil scene in your mind…